About Opticonnect

Opticonnect is a young Dutch company that focuses on providing smart solutions for data transport over optical fiber. We do this by making the technology more accesible with a focus on the development of Single Fiber (BiDirectional) WDM Solutions. 

Opticonnects mission is to simplify the planning, deployment and maintenance of complex Optical Networks. This is achieved by developing user friendly products, the provision of adequate information and transparent support.

In our strive to make fiber networks easier to implement, Opticonnect has developed Singletrace™, a revolutionary full single fiber WDM system with nothing but wins on each part of the network. Singletrace™ offers lower implementation costs, lower management costs and lower operational costs. 

The technology we prefer to use in our products is Single Fiber. Single Fiber means that there is only one fiber used for the data traffic, instead of the usual two. Key benefits include reducing the need of fiber, reduction of patch errors and a (much) easier installation. 

The way we do business


With all our products we give life-time support and free after sales services. We will provide all the manuals, software and updates whenever you need them. When a problem in your network may occur we are dedicated to find the best solution for your problem without the need of a support contract.

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