Opticonnect Systems

Opticonnect Systems B.V., an Optical Networking vendor of Optical Transport solutions with a mission.

"We will simplify the planning, deployment and maintenance of complex Optical Networks. This is achieved by developing user friendly products, the provision of adequate information and transparent support."


Full Single Fiber WDM

In its strive to make fiber networks easier to implement, Opticonnect has developed Singletrace™, a revolutionary full single fiber WDM system with nothing but wins on each part of the network. Singletrace™ offers lower implementation costs, lower management costs and lower operational costs.


Pluggable Optical transceivers are the basic building blocks of Optical Networks. Their function is to transmit and receive an optical signal over optical fiber. Opticonnect is offering over more than 100 differtent types of optics. We have optics for almost every fibertype, formfactor, bitrate, Wavelength and distance.

icon-8-mux-demux-WPassive WDM                                       

Opticonnects offers a range of passive WDM devices for both Dual Fiber as Single Fiber Bidirectional connections, using WaveDivision Multiplexing technology. Passive WDM is a technology that enables transport of multiple network connections over optical fiber.


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