Pigtails Easy strip SC Singlemode G657.A2


Pigtails SC in UPC or APC Simplex SM G657.A2

Also available in SC/LC/E2000/ST, Polish in UPC or APC and in Multimode PC


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Standard Pigtails SC Singlemode UPC or APC in unicolor or in color kits.

Available in different connector and polishing types.

Opticonnect® Pigtails are designed with a protection cover for the ferrule. The abbreviations PC, UPC and APC are definitions expressing the physical differences of the surface geometries of the connectors on the ceramic ferrules. 0.9 mm diameter pigtail cables are manufactured with easy-to-strip tubes, then assembled at one end with a connector. TIA / EIA-598 color standard is used for 12-color pigtail sets.

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