Pluggable Optical transceivers are the basic building blocks of Optical Networks. Their function is to transmit and receive an optical signal over optical fiber. The pluggable part of the optics was a big step forward in flexibility for the optical interfacing of network hardware. Not only did it decimate the model ranges of respective vendors, network architects now got access to a broad range of options in terms of distance, fiber type and pricing.

Pluggable Optical transceivers, or optics, are standardized and can be plugged into various types of hardware such as switches, routers and servers from different vendors. The optical signals that are supported by the transceiver can be of different characteristics depending on the type of network, bit rate and operating distance.

The Optical Transceivers come in different form factors, such as:


Opticonnect supports there product trough the entire life cycle. For our optical transceivers we offer the following services services:

  • We offer three years warranty on all our optical transceiver products;
  • Every single optic comes in a box and is labeled with the optic specifications;
  • We offer compatibility with the majority of OEM switches and routers (CISCO, Avaja, Foundry, Juniper, Brocade, HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Extreme Networks, Huawei);
  • All versions of the optical transceivers are available with standard Digital Diagnostics;
  • All our transceivers have first class lasers and are ROHS6 compliant.